Ann Brett Life Coaching, Yoga & Massage


Discovering Orthopedic Massage has changed my life.  As an avid runner I had come to expect ongoing pain and now Ann's gift has me running better than ever - without the pain!   I also now have the tools to reinforce the work Ann has done and am forever grateful.
Michael, Jessica, & Jacob

Hi Ann....This is Ryan M.....I had an appointment with you last Friday for my Shoulder and I just want to say Thank You!   The following day my shoulder felt 50% better and has been improving ever since.   I even cancelled my appointment with my Orthopedic Doctor because I feel about 90% better now.   Thanks again and I will be definitely coming back.  Ryan M.

Thank you Ann for the class.  Your common sense approach to Anatomy really helps me understand the system as a whole.  I really appreciate all you have taught me.   DG.  (Yoga Teacher Trainee).

Ann....I want do a Yoga Teacher Training and get Certified but I have a mental block with biology/anatomy....I think it would do me and others good to overcome this block and learn from someone like you, who I seem to respond to very well.   PZ.

I was introduced / recommended to Ann by my Physical Therapist for a shoulder injury. I was determined to heal without surgery, but Ann gave relief and a schedule that allowed me to know my body even better. Each time I went back to Ann I felt huge progress. Now that I have full mobility, I go back for maintanance and any hint of tightness. Surgery was never needed. Thank you Ann.
Karen P

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